Crisis Management

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Crisis Management

Ellerman Enzinna Levy attorneys have guided corporate and individual clients thorough some of the most significant scandals of the past several decades. With deep experience navigating the, at times, seemingly contradictory dictates of legal and media strategies, we develop and execute carefully-crafted approaches to the unique circumstances of each client’s situation, allowing the client to achieve both a legal and reputational outcome that is in its overall best interest.

Representative Matters

  • Coordination with in-house and outside communications specialists in the US and abroad to allow a multibillion-dollar global manufacturing company to navigate successfully the legal and reputational implications of public allegations as well as the resulting criminal, civil, and foreign investigations of falsifying inspection data to defraud customers and end-users.

  • Led a team of in-house and outside communications experts to develop and execute a unique crisis communications strategy on behalf of a large energy company facing criminal charges.  The media strategy was extremely successful, while also complementing our ultimately successful legal strategy.

  • Representation of numerous high-level executives and high-ranking government officials in navigating the simultaneous legal, political, and media perils that inherently come with a modern-day crisis.  We have successfully guided clients through such highly-public scandals as Enron, the global financial crisis, Spygate, the murders of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya, the collapse of MF Global, and many others.

Ellerman Enzinna
is now
Ellerman Enzinna Levy

Ellerman Enzinna is pleased to announce that on February 1, 2022, Michael N. Levy has joined the firm as a partner.

The firm’s name is now Ellerman Enzinna Levy PLLC.