White Collar Criminal Defense

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White Collar Criminal Defense

Ellerman Enzinna Levy attorneys have represented individuals and some of the world’s largest corporations in investigations conducted by the United States Departments of Justice, Treasury, Defenses, Commerce, Health and Human Services, Securities and Exchange Commission, International Monetary Fund, Supreme Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Korea, Attorney General of Indonesia, and others.  These matters have involved alleged violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, illegal bribery and gratuities, health care fraud, government contracts, international trade, antitrust, and export controls, and have taken place across the United States and around the world. 

We have tried dozens of criminal cases, but often, the most important work we do takes place before any charges have been filed. Conducting internal investigations, responding to government subpoenas and search warrants, and negotiating with prosecutors, are critical steps in achieving a successful outcome in a criminal case.  And skilled advocacy at sentencing and on appeal can minimize the effect of criminal charges.

Representative Matters:

  • Representation of provider of IT solutions to US military in negotiating Deferred Prosecution Agreement to resolve charges of bribery of US military officers in Asia. 
  • Representation of a Fortune 50 energy company in connection with grand jury investigations relating to violations of the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act.
  • Representation of investment bank analyst accused of insider trading, negotiating sentence of probation.  
  • Representation of a Middle East-based architectural engineering firm in a DOJ FCPA investigation.
  • Representation of builder in federal fraud case, negotiating 4-year sentence to resolve charges carrying maximum sentence of 30 years.
  • Representation of a significant witness/potential target in connection with criminal and civil investigations into the BP-Deepwater Horizon Gulf oil spill.
  • Representation of securities dealer indicted for insider trading.
  • Representation of a large Scandinavian construction company accused of violating the FCPA in connection with a $500 million infrastructure project in Africa. The matter involved several government authorities, including the DOJ, the World Bank and the IMF.
  • Representation of sitting state court judge in trial of money laundering charges, resulting in acquittal.
  • Representation of the acting CFO of a global manufacturer of engineered products in a wide-ranging FCPA case involving more than 30 different countries including China and several others in Asia.
  • Advised US private equity firm in responding to criminal charges and trial conducted in South Korea.
  • Representation of an oil and gas services company in connection with a criminal matter relating to an offshore drilling platform explosion.
  • Representation of real estate developer accused of bribery in motion to suppress wiretap evidence.
  • Representation of a multinational banking institution headquartered in New York in connection with allegations of extensive criminal conduct by local bank employees in California.
  • Representation of businessman accused of drug trafficking in suppressing evidence, resulting in dismissal of charges.
  • Representation of a Southern California-based electric utility company in connection with a grand jury investigation regarding alleged Clean Water Act violations.
  • Representation of businessman in trial of assault charges.
  • Representation of senior executives of a Japanese auto parts company in connection with investigation by the Department of Justice into alleged criminal violations of antitrust laws.
  • Representation of husband and wife with young children convicted of bank fraud and facing 11-year sentences.  Obtained staggered 2-year sentences, allowing one parent to remain at home throughout sentence.
  • Representation of an executive of an energy company in connection with a DOJ criminal matter relating to the Upper Big Branch coal mine disaster in West Virginia which involved multiple fatalities.
  • Representation of two executives of a large facility management provider in a DOJ-FCPA investigation relating to alleged bribes paid in connection with an $80 million facility services contract in the Middle East.
  • Representation of numerous current and former executives of a large government-sponsored enterprise and financial institution in several different investigations by DOJ, the SEC and FHFA.
  • Representation of a Switzerland-based employee of an international pharmaceutical company in connection with a grand jury investigation into alleged violations of trade sanctions against Iran involving the sale of unlicensed medical products and devices.
  • Representation of the former CEO of a multibillion-dollar global energy services company subsidiary in a far-reaching FCPA investigation by the DOJ and the SEC into alleged corruption regarding liquid natural gas contracts in Nigeria.
  • Representation of two employees of a major bank in connection with an investigation by a government-sponsored enterprise into fraud in the mortgage securities business.


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Ellerman Enzinna is pleased to announce that on February 1, 2022, Michael N. Levy has joined the firm as a partner.

The firm’s name is now Ellerman Enzinna Levy PLLC.